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Pelagic Walkaround Yachts

Pelagic Walkaround Yachts is the originator in the walkaround flybridge yacht design market. Founded by Captain Randy Towe, Pelagic Walkaround Yachts is now once again accepting custom orders for the development of custom walkaround yacht construction. Explore all of the benefits of the Pelagic design throughout this website.

Gamefisherman Yachts

Since 1985 Gamefisherman has custom built a combination of traditional cold molded and fiberglass boats in a variety of different sizes, ranging from 30’ to the most recent 50’ express. Gamefisherman is recognized as the premier builder of mid-size, classic sportfishing boats. Clean styling, high performance and easy maintenance has been the ultimate goal for every Gamefisherman built.

Jarrett Bay Yachts

Jarrett Bay Boatworks, a premier builder of custom sport fishing boats, began in 1986 when Randy Ramsey led the construction of a single 52-foot charter boat, the Sensation, in an old tin shed. Since those humble beginnings, Jarrett Bay has constructed & delivered over 90 sportfish boats and serviced tens of thousands of vessels. Our one-of-a-kind custom construction process allows us to finely balance our customers’ needs for fishing performance, fuel efficiency and luxury – all while never sacrificing the legendary Carolina ride. 

Jim Smith Tournament Boats

John Vance has built Jim Smith Tournament Boats for over 30 years. John worked with Jim Smith for several years before acquiring the company in 1989. Today, John and his crew continue to build sport fishing boats to the highest standards of craftsmanship and innovation, following a tradition that began with the Boca Jima, in 1959. We continue the legacy and craft of custom built sport fishing boats in Stuart, Florida, one boat at a time.

L&H Custom Boats

Uncompromised craftsmanship in a sport fishing walk-around, designed to satisfy your passion for accessibility, versatility and safety. At L&H Boats, we build boats the way they should be built. One at a time and to the exacting specifications of our customers. You’ll be involved throughout the process as your boat becomes a craft that is all your own.

Winter Custom Yachts

From the custom yacht builders at Winter comes a product crafted to outperform with distinction. There are those who wake up in the middle of the night with visions of Bermuda, of family members aboard their own vessel. Winter embraces this type and the challenge they present—turning alarm clock inspiration into artistic, powerful engineering.


Ultimate Fishing Machine

Benefits & Features

Walkaround yachts provide a number of benefits for yacht owners and fishing fans.

Increased Safety

From increased sightlines to safe access from bow to stern, walkarounds provide increased safety for operators and passengers.

Better Fishing Access

Fight your sportsfish species with greater access no matter which direction the fish swims. No more controlling the boat to manipulate your catch. Instead, fight your catch naturally!

All the Amenities

With a walkaround yacht, you don’t have to sacrifice anything! Enjoy all the comforts of a normal sportsfisherman, with the increased manuvarebility and safety exclusive to a walkaround!

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